My top 7 holiday essentials.


Many of you have asked me what I pack when I go on holidays. Well, I am going to be packing soon because bikini time is next week for me, so it’s a good time to share my top 7 essential holiday items with you.


1) Healthy snacks.
Airport food has improved dramatically in recent years, so if you have time to spare you can still grab some decent snacks before you fly. However, you might end up stuck in traffic on your way to the airport and not have the luxury to shop at the terminal and then you are in trouble.
Do you really want to eat airplane food? No, trust me you don’t! In my previous life, when I was very young –ah dear a long time ago!- I used to be cabin crew and I learnt pretty quickly that if I wanted to sustain my energy during the flight and arrive at my destination feeling good, I had to simply avoid eating the food on board. I could go on and on about the reasons why you shouldn’t eat what they serve you on board, but I don’t want to bore you. Take my word for it and pack something edible instead.
Good and easy options are: oat cakes, gluten free crackers, nuts/seeds, olives, unrefined sugar-free bars and fruit. If you have time before you leave home, boil some eggs and take those too. By the way, these rules apply even better if you travel by car or train because you have fewer restrictions on what you can carry. So plan ahead and you won’t be bloated the first day on the beach!

2) Probiotics (live bacteria).
This is non negotiable, even if you forget all the rest you must take this!
Around 30% of travellers report that they experience diarrhoea while on holiday. When we eat different foods in unfamiliar environments it can be common to experience stomach upsets. This is thought to be causes by upsetting the balance of one’s natural gut flora which is the bacteria living in our digestive tract. I start taking a multi-strain probiotic supplement a week before travelling, during the holiday and a week afterwards to offer a degree of protection. When I am at home I use the Biocare range, but when travelling I switch to Optibac or Bio-Kult as they are still good quality products and don’t need to be refrigerated.

3) Multi-vitamin.
A multi-vitamin is like an insurance policy as you need a huge range of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. I think that while on holidays you should still try to maintain your healthy habits and taking your multi be one of them.

4) Coconut oil.
No, I am not planning on doing any cooking at all while I am away.
I always keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom at home and now it’s coming with me. I use coconut oil to clean my face and moisturise my daughter’s and my own skin. I also use some on my hair to prevent the ends form drying out and tame the frizz.

5) Non-toxic Sun Lotion.
Sun protection is an obvious one, but have you ever thought about the amount of chemicals your skin will absorb while you keep applying your average sun lotion?
There are many different natural brands out there, but my top favourites are Jason and Green People. In the picture there is my daughter’s one as she was playing with the bottles I bought last week and now I can’t find mine anymore!
By the way, please avoid overexposing your skin to the sun and don’t think you are invincible just because you applied some lotion, natural or not.

6) A pashmina.
A pashmina, or big scarf, can serve a multitude of purposes. You can use it as a light scarf, a plane blanket, a rolled-up pillow, or umbrella. It’s useful to cover your shoulders on those breezy evenings on your villa’s balcony or to brighten up an outfit. If you have kids you probably need two as one will be used as a sling, breastfeeding cover, emergency matt or towel!
It’s a great fashion accessory that no self respected ex global girl can fail to pack, ever!

7) A good read.
I might be slightly obsessed but even when I take a break I read about nutrition. I just love to read about different approaches in the field and I also like to read books I can recommend to my clients. Choose whatever you prefer but I think a good book is definitely a must!

Stay healthy, take it easy and enjoy your holiday!