Healthy and quick snack options for you and your children.

Healthy nuts and seeds

A lot of people seem stuck when it comes to choosing healthy snacks options and I get asked a lot what snacks are best and especially what snacks I prepare for my daughter. First of all, I cannot give advice as to what is ‘best’ as this depends on the individual and, as some of you have heard me saying times and times again, there is no special food/diet which suits everybody. We are all different and what might be good for one person could be totally unsuitable for another. This is something to always bear in mind when it comes to food!

Having said this, I am going to share with you some of the foods I snack on and some of my daughter favorite’s snacks which your kids might also like. This is because unfortunately, I still see many parents and kids who think that crisps, cupcakes and cheap chocolate bars are acceptable snacks. I am here to show you that healthy snacking is not only possible, but also easy and convenient. All you need is a little planning!

Easy snacks options to carry with you when you are out and about:

  • An apple (or other piece of fruit) and a handful of nuts or seeds.
  • A handful of pre-mixed seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), mixed nuts and chopped dried fruits (like apricots and raisins).
  • Cheese cubes with grapes.
  • Homemade high protein, sugar and gluten free muffins. See this post on my facebook page for one of my recipes.
  • A small pot of plain Greek yogurt with some blueberries.
  • Homemade flapjacks or oat bars. If you are pushed for time, travelling or stuck with a shop bought version (I know life is busy and we do not always have time to bake!) then go for one of the Pulsin fruit bites or protein snacks. They are available at most health stores and although they still contain some fructose (sugar from fruit) they are high in protein and low GI. This makes them a better choice than most fruits bars and flapjacks you find at the supermarkets.

Snacks options that require a bit more preparation or are just easier to eat at home:

  • Carrot, celery, pepper, cucumber sticks dipped into hummus, guacamole or tzatziki.
  • A couple of gluten free oatcakes with some nut butter or spread with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon.
  • A couple of bread free ham rolls. Instead of bread slices or wraps use thin ham slices and add any filling you like. I usually add some cream or grated cheese and grated carrots.
  • A banana smoothie (banana, strawberries or other fruit of choice, a scoop of protein powder, and coconut/almond milk blended together).
  • 1 boiled egg with some homemade kale crisps.
  • Half an avocado with a few prawns.
  • Frozen banana bites. Slice some ripe bananas and freeze them for at least 3 hours. Remove from the freezer and spread a little almond butter on half of them. Top them with the other banana slices as if you were making a sandwich. These are always a winner with my daughter’s friends!

Many children are very hungry when you pick them up from school. If you find that these healthy snacks are not enough and they keep asking for more food, then you might want to consider bringing their dinner forward. I often do this with my daughter as it works best for her especially on sports day. If after an early meal, she gets a bit peckish again later on in the evening, then she can have one of the above snacks. With kids you really have to be flexible and go with what works best for them.

Most importantly, as I mentioned earlier, plan ahead so you are prepared. Always carry some of these snacks in your bag or keep some in the car for when you are travelling so you are never caught out.

Now you know the real reason why my handbags are so big!