21 Day Summer Reset Programme

Welcome to the 21 Day Summer Reset Programme!

Do you want to lose weight and come out of lockdown looking and feeling amazing?

Join Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach Zara Stella on a 21 Day Online Summer Reset Programme and get ready to kick start your weight loss!

Follow this simple and flexible healthy eating programme to help you drop excess pounds, reduce bloating, increase your energy and get a new confident body ready for the sunshine!

What’s included:

  • Individual 30 minutes nutrition& coaching telephone/zoom sessions to discuss your goals and get you started.
  • Exclusive and flexible online access to expert nutritional advice and support from Nutritionist and Health Coach Zara Stella.
  • Comprehensive eBook guide.
  • Flexible meal plans, shopping list and delicious, easy to follow, brand new family friendly recipes.
  • Facebook Q&A sessions to deal with any questions or challenges and, of course, to offer motivation, accountability, and support.
  • Support of a fabulous online private Facebook group.
  • Lots of additional information, tips, and recommendations to support you
  • Special bonus 30 minutes individual nutrition session at the end of the programme!

Start date: Monday 15th June 2020

Special Price: £59.00

NHS front line workers get an amazing 30% off. Just our way to say thank you for your amazing work. Please email Zara at info@stellanutrition.com for this offer.


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This is what previous participants have to say about the programme.

Deborah said:
“I loved the Facebook group as being part of this encouraged me to carry on during the 21 days. I lost 9lbs in total and those cravings for naughty food have gone. It has given me a different outlook on food and has enabled me to make better choices which I will carry on with.”

Helen said:
“I’ve really enjoyed the programme. It’s been a great challenge to myself to cut my sugar habit and prove that I can do it and feel better! I really enjoyed the recipe ideas; I don’t feel I’ve had to deprive myself – more indulge in really good fresh unprocessed food. The Facebook group has been great for motivation, ideas, and tips. I’m feeling like I’ve changed some very bad habits I’ve been in, and I will continue in my good ways.”

Alison said:
“I have genuinely been amazed at how easy it was to follow the plan and how different I felt once I stepped off the sugar rollercoaster. I hadn’t realised how much it was impacting my moods and tiredness levels…I thought that was all due to having 3 small kids, but it turns out it was sugar. I have not been hungry at all and haven’t felt the need to cheat. My sugar cravings (which were off the scale) have gone…honestly!! I didn’t do the programme to lose weight specifically, more to re learn how to eat properly, but the hidden bonus was losing 2kg in 3 weeks! Thanks to Zara’s videos I now understand my body better and what I should and shouldn’t eat to get the most from it. Overall, I really enjoyed the programme and intend to keep going with the principles and extend them to the whole family”.

Nicky said:
“I’ve loved doing the program and I will just continue as it’s had huge health benefits not to mention 7lbs weight loss. Generally, I feel empowered to make better choices, re-educated on eating principles, good vs bad (needed a refresher!) and so much more knowledgeable on why certain foods are better for you. I also regained a love for ‘good’ food, learned new recipes which was so crucial for me, so I didn’t deviate, and most of all mindfulness/ conscious and aware of those choices. Getting the good fats in, remembering how much I love avocado!! and enjoying feeling virtuous afterwards. Really big changes so thank a million.

Larissa said:
“I did the 21-day summer programme with Zara and it really helped me. I thought it was going to be much harder to give up the sugar, that I was so addicted to, and it was actually the easiest part. I really felt the difference in my energy levels and mood! It really changed how we eat at home as I am making much more sensible choices and buying less sugary foods for the children. Zara was always helpful and quick to answer any questions we might have. Thank you so much Zara! “